Plastic barrel production is done in Aksu Facilities of Ersu Fruit and Food Ind. Co. Inc. with the technology of high molecular high density polyethylene “Single Phase Inflating Technology”. The raw materials and staining materials used in the production of AKPLAST barrels are compatible for the storing of food stuff and are of high quality.

The package materials used are the most safety ones which are employed in the carriage, and storage of corrosive and hazardous chemicals in addition to all kinds of foodstuffs, and these package materials are in line with the international regulations and the most safety ones for the liquid materials.

The barrels of which product quality is controlled by the Quality Control Department of our facility continuously are manufactured carefully on our computerized assembly line with advanced technology by the experienced staff members.

Thanks to design with advanced technology design, our barrels are:
 Compatible with the international carriage standards,  
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Absolutely non – penetrating with special designed cover,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Easy cleaning with soft and seamless internal structure and large inlet of bottles,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Extremely safety due to product safety lock and seal application,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Reusable due to the long life feature. Its specifications are superior to other package types.

Storage, Shipment Easiness and Economic AKPLAST Barrels are

punto.jpg (757 bytes) Strength for over and over heap up,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Cost effective with their light structure,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Compatible for storing in the extreme climates and weather conditions,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Resistant to impacts and corrosion,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Not staining needy,
punto.jpg (757 bytes) Stainless and quality.